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Things To Know When Naming Your Business


When it comes to starting your own business one of the first steps to using your creativity is trying to find a name for your business. The most common default is to name a business after your own name, which isn?t a bad default if it fits your type of business. Some designers will even use their own initials and attach their discipline to clarify the meaning of their business. (Example A.B Cuttery, or AVDesign.We?ve come up with some important steps to remember when coming up with a name for your business.

What Kind of Visions & Values Do You Have for Your Business?

The name of your business should reflect this first question. Find out what really is important to you and your work, as well as how you work with others. Is it your innovations? Professionalism and expertise? Or it could be playfulness and sustainability. Who inspires you?
For these questions to pan out visually for you, write down 10 descriptive words about your visions and values. This will help you use these words as a starting point for brainstorming. Don?t be afraid to ask the help of friends and family for starting off points. Since your visions are unlikely to change for your company, looking at the ?big picture? of your business will help ensure the future of your business all within the name.

Does the name of your business reflect your target market?

The name of your business will reflect not only yourself, should attract the type of people you want to be consumers. The name of your business is completely parrallel to your own name when introducing someone. The first time a person hears it is the first impression they get. Test out the name of your business by closing your eyes, saying the name and try to envision what image you have in your head. Do this to yourself, and also try this on others to see if it?s the same.

Checking The Name

- Make sure the name of your business is easy-to-spell, especially for others, this will make it easier for people to find your business online and on other social media sites.
- Make sure the name of your business is easy-to-remember. If you have something memorable it?ll be easy for people to find your business online.
- If your business works internationally, make sure that your business name isn?t offensive in other languages. If you do your researcg there are a lot of funny stories about offensive name brands.
- Make sure the name of your business is future proof, because it?s always harder to change the name of yourbusiness once you havebuilt a solid profile for the company. Try and consider the name of your business is like naming your child. It?ll stick with you your whole life if that?s your intent.

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