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Tips for Starting Your Own E-Commerce Website (more research)

You never know what kind of future your online store will have once it’s launched. However, we at Design Burd know a thing or two about what it takes to create a successful e-commerce business. We put together a few tips to help you get started. 1. Make Your Logo Clear This is probably the […]


Things To Know When Naming Your Business

When it comes to starting your own business one of the first steps to using your creativity is trying to find a name for your business. The most common default is to name a business after your own name, which isn?t a bad default if it fits your type of business. Some designers will even […]


5 Web Design Mistakes that Small Businesses Should Avoid

Now a days a websites for your business act as a hub. However when it comes to small businesses, your website plays a crucial part for your branding. ALthoug it?s important to make it easy for potential customers to locate your comany on the web, it?s just as important to make sure that once they?re […]

Reasons Why WordPress is the Best Choice for Your Business.

1. WordPress is a very flexible and open source. Everything that wordpress is made up is a complete open source. Meaning your functionalities to your site, as well as features (such as Comment, Galleries, etc) are all regularly updated by WordPress developers on their database. Which is great! Because it forces developers to continuously stay […]

Web Design Forecast for 2015 So Far.

As a web design company it?s crucial to stay intuitive of the direction that design and development is going. ?We don?t want our clients to have an anachronistic site design and be behind of their competition, so we?ve done a little research. One thing about all design that?s unquestionable is that everything is getting more […]

A New Skin for PoeyFarre

We’re happy to re-vamp PoeyFarre’s Website. We created new social media icons for its integrations, as well as enhancing the SEO. A new footer layout that is more modern, helping the site be more user friendly. We even edited the photos for the customized gallery we built as well. Take a look at the upgraded […]

Brand New Website for Central Lakeview

We're extremely excited to design, host and maintain the brand new website for Central Lakeview Merchants. The site itself was completely revamped with a new color scheme, layout, and beautiful business directory that features a large scale map displaying the locations of the businesses. Not only can customers search the name of businesses, but even […]

Take a look at Carl Little Law

Carl Little Law is a brand new law office in the heart of New Orleans. The large image slider shows vibrant, eye-catching photos of the colorful city, creating a wholesome connection with the culture of New Orleans. Check out Carl Little Law! Possibly Related Posts: Tips for Starting Your Own E-Commerce Website (more research) Things […]

Slick and Shiny Car Renting

We’re excited to host this shiny website we’ve custom build for Pixx Cars. Not only did we offer copywritting, be we also resized and edited the images as well. Since this website is for renting these cars we’ve build an easy-to-use tool for custom posting as well as setting up payment plans through These […]

RPMumby now has a Blog!

RPM&Co now has a new blog with a chic & clean layout mainly focusing on imagery for it’s post. The new blog contains posts that are fun and inviting to it’s followers. Leaving it easy to share and comment and bring the RPMumby community together. Possibly Related Posts: Tips for Starting Your Own E-Commerce Website […]