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Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing (SEM)

Internet Marketing (SEM)

One of the most important aspects of making any business functional in today's environment is Internet marketing. It is just as critical an element as custom web design is for your website, because it helps push your product into the global market and allows you a wider range of exposure in a more professional manner. This is considered mandatory for functional ability in the modern frenzy of social media and packaged web deals. While SEO strategy should definitely be part of your overall plan when it comes to marketing yourself globally, having a strong Internet marketing team to go along with your web design is crucial to making sure that your business stands apart from the rest.

Many companies end up confusing themselves when it comes to defining SEO and Internet marketing, but at Design Burd Inc. we understand the difference between the two, and we understand the differences are such that there needs to be a distinction. Both have their own unique advantages and benefits, and while they both complement each other and have a similar end result?targeted traffic?the methods used by each are completely different, and as such should be used separately. Splitting your SEO and Internet marketing into two strategically targeted campaigns allows you the opportunity to utilize two distinctly different traffic-generating utilities.

While SEO will generate traffic in the search engines, Internet marketing goes far beyond simple keywords. Consider Internet marketing as a form of advertising in conventional media. In order for you to reach the level of exposure necessary to compete on a global basis, Design Burd Inc. will leverage both your offline and online media outlets to highlight the best of what you have to offer. Not only can we help you purchase links on premium websites, get you the best banner advertising available, and manage your AdWords and Yahoo! Search campaigns, but we will help organize your online attempts to exponentially increase your traffic as far as you are willing to take it.

Whether you are after Search Engine Optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, copywriting, or just simply analytics, Design Burd Inc., the NY website design company, is there to help you market your brand on a global basis. Our specialists are hard-wired into the current trends in Internet marketing, whether that is the latest and hottest social media sites where they will promote your brand, or through a series of professionally-written blog posts designed specifically to highlight the best parts about your product. At Design Burd Inc., we take web design to the next level by not only providing you with the basics necessary to get your website off the ground in terms of usability and viability, but by pushing you into the global market using a team of highly-qualified Internet marketers who proactively seek out the link exposure to various high-traffic websites without being forced to pay premium fees, which allows you a higher marketing ROI.

Our list of services includes:

  • CPC campaign management
  • Keyword research
  • AdWords campaign management
  • Banner advertising
  • Link advertising
  • Linkbait content
  • Online press releases
  • Articles dissemination
  • Social media optimization
  • Blogging
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